The most common leather used in modern furniture is protected leather, which means that a coating is applied to the leather surface to help stop dirt getting through to the leather. This coating can be oil, wax, lacquer or other finishing technique. At TLC we understand the need to treat each piece of leather with the utmost care and attention. We have a 5 point checking system to identify the leather type, whether it is Aniline, Semi Aniline, Wax or Oily Pull Up or Pigmented Leather we only use products and procedures that is right for that particular leather.

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Leather Repair

Most leather damage can be successfully repaired, from colour loss, scratches, scrapes to rips and tears. Phone for free estimate 07789 432373
Chesterfield Re-Coloured Scuffs Repaired Cream Leather Suite Refurbished Fading Leather with Grease Leather Care Seat Re-Coloured Stain Removed Chesterfield Cushion Deep Cracking Jacket Re-Dyed Jacket Re-Dyed-2 Scuffing Repaied Grease in Leather Leather Panel Repaired Leather Cushion part cleaned Vinyl Tear Leather Bag Repaired Gallery